The beautiful rosehip oil

Plant oils have been utilized for a variety of purposes throughout history, with their integration into foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.
Rosa rubiginosa or Rosehip seed oil is regenerative and nourishing, containing a number of compounds that directly benefit the skin. Its fatty acid is a noreworthy, with nearly equal percentages of alpha-Linolenic and linoleic acid. Dull, tired skin as well as mature lifeless skin will savor their high concentration of essential fatty acids , which protect against free radicals. They help fight skin aging, smooth out the most fragile skin or the finest areas, and tone it up.
A generously endowed oil, its vitamin A content increases elastin content, promotes collagen formation, and helps to delay age-related breakdown of the skin and underlying issues.
Vitamin C and E help to delay the content of skin aging, nourishing the cells and shielding against oxidation while creating a lipid barrier that protects and supports the skin.
Tanins add astringent qualities to rose hip seed oil, giving it a dry noncomedogenic quality.
Rose hip oil has been found in trials to be active in cell regeneration and a treatment for scar tissues and blemishes. The ability of the oil to heal and mantain the texture and softness of the skin is noteworthy. Deep wrinkles, UV damage, dark spots, uneven pigmentation, and difficult skin conditions are improved by the use of rose hip oil.
In a clinical study, a total of 34 healthy subjects, aged 35–65 years, with wrinkles on the face were subjected to the effects of the rose hip powder. In the study, the rose hip group showed statistically significant improvements in crow’s-feet wrinkles, skin moisture , and elasticity after 8 weeks of treatment.
A rose-based recipe from one of my favourite books, ''An atlas of natural beauty'': Balancing facial fluid, the ultimate antiaging treatment for dry and sensitive skin, for daily use. In a small jar with a dropper, add one or two drops of neroli essential oil, two tablespoon of rose hip seed oil. Every night, massage a few drops onto the face and neckline area. This will keep for up to six months if stored at a steady temperature and away from sunlight.
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