Meet our founder

Talia started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in her hometown, Seville. She continued with her education in England where she worked as a pharmacist for over five years.

Her belief and knowledge in products taken from nature that are proven to heal, and after seen the nasty side effects synthetic chemicals can have in our bodies, is what made her choosing a more holistic and natural way to live.

With years of clinical expertise, the foundation of Blue Tansy Skincare product begins with Talia's own skin problems. “Having a busy work and being a mum left me with very little time and seriously affected skin and overall health. My skin was, for years and years, over-reactive, had rosacea in certain areas and was very prone to acne. It was then when I realized the importance of self care and using meticulous research and science-backed data ingredients that are ''known'' to our skin. I started researching products that provide proven solutions that enhance mind, body and skin and deliver visible and lasting results and created,what today is, Blue Tansy Skincare''.


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