Meet our founder

Talia started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in her hometown, Seville. She continued with her education in England where she still works as a pharmacist.

Her belief and knowledge in products taken from nature and scientifically proven to work; and her experience with nasty side effects from synthetic chemicals in cosmetics, made her choose a more holistic and natural way to live.

With years of clinical expertise, the foundation of Blue Tansy Skincare product begins with Talia's own skin problems. “The stress from a busy work and life, my hormonal changes and the pollution in the air, made my skin regress back to my teenage years when I used to have acne-prone skin and very sensitive skin including rosacea. It was then when I realized the importance of self care and using meticulous research and science-backed data ingredients that are ''known'' to our skin so my skin would heal, instead of react to it.  I started researching products that provide proven solutions that enhance mind, body and skin and deliver visible and lasting results and created,what today is, Blue Tansy Skincare''.


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