Oil serums, what do we consider before formulating it

When making an oil serum there are several thing we consider.⁠

First we determine what we want to supply to the skin : antioxidants, anti-aging compounds, anti-acne ingredients...? We usually go for all, can't help it...⁠

Then we decide which type of skin we are going to target. Yes, not all oil serums are for all skin types!! That's why you probably broke out with that fancy new serum you bought a few months ago!⁠

Third we study our oils: absorption rate, odor, color, chemistry, etc. and decide if they are suitable for our serum or not.⁠

The type of fatty acid in it is crucial to determine if that particular oil is going to be a positive addition to our skincare routine or not. For that, a lot of research, geekiness and time is put into it.⁠

It has taking me a while to decide what are going to be the final ingredients in our new oil serum but I'm a perfectionist and I want you to have the ultimate experience when trying out our products.⁠

Our new rejuvenating oil is ideal for normal-dry skin. With a lovely orange scent, this nourishing oil will leave your skin supple and soft whilst boosting your collagen on skin.